Thank you very much for helping me in issuance and attestation of my documents for job employment. I now know I can count on MIP and will strongly recommend you to friends in Dubai and elsewhere abroad....

Successful Projects

TeemarDaar (Medical Care & Nursing)

Mamoo and his clients have a very close bond where his customers trust his services deeply. Even if it means asking Mamoo to provide them with Nursing necessary domestic needs to be filled in their absence. Through this service our expertise and our 24/7 services are made available to the clients loved ones. These clients entirely look up to us for taking necessary care of their family’s elderly and special ones. Mamoo feels proud to be associated with this service on reasonable charges. Customers in this context have always been in favor of 

Mr.Ali UK 6-July-2015


Medicines from UAE

One of our frequent customer required medicines that were unavailable in Pakistan, with time not being a barrier, we would further add that neither are miles. Team MAMOO had his medicine imported from UAE and the client gave us his best of best regards. He couldn’t thank us enough and was pleased with MAMOO’s spontaneous services.

Mr.Mansoor, Norway 11-June-2015 


Birthday Celebration At Village Restaurant

Our valued Customer had preplanned the celebration of 2 family relevant members. He approached and came across the idea of celebrating both of these events on the very same day. This project demanded time and a lot of creativity to make it memorable. Thereafter along with the basic arrangements such as flowers, cake another surprising element was arranged where violin a player entered wishing the recipient and along came other gifts. In the end the recipient and the family enjoyed a delightful meal, extra ordinary services, a refreshing musical event and surprises. The day ended with both sender and recipient giving us their best regards.

Mr.Waqas, United Kingdom 17-April 2015


Maintenance Service

A customer from UK had some domestic maintenance issues back in Pakistan, where electricity was shedding and electrical system at home were not working. He couldn’t rely on any random person or service as his mother and sister were mostly alone at home. MAMOO not only sorted out there electrical system but also helped them with solve their UPS issues by repairing it instead of telling them to buy a new one. Not only was the customer’s family satisfied the customer himself applauded us for our help and assistance.

Mr.Rashid, USA 19-March-2015


Attestation of Educational Documents from WES

A customer searched our website and found out that we do WES attestation services. They immediately explored us and trusted with his and her spouse documents to Mamoo in Pakistan. With their trust and cooperation Mamooinpakistan got there certificates attested and successfully sent it to Canada for their immigration purpose. Never less they assured there satisfactory to our services and hence rewarded us by having us publish in their own social media as “most reliable service in Pakistan.” 

Mr.Adeel UAE 8-January-2015


Marriage Verification

A stressed customer turned out to find his husbands truths based in Pakistan. MAMOO however helped her with all the basic information she could get from the authorities by verifying documents given to her. Customer wanted to find out how true her marriage is based upon as she was not familiar with husband carrier. Step by step MAMOO looked into deep details, and verified it from the concerns and responded on factual basis. Customer turned out to be extremely pleased and relax and showed faith in our services for future needs.

 Ms.Salma, Singapore 8-December 2014


Car Rental

One of our USA client was slightly hesitant to avail rent a car services in Pakistan, we assured her before her arrival to Pakistan that she wouldn’t find any better service here then our service. She was surprised with the kind of response our team gave and as a result she availed our car rental for a month and highly recommended it to her friends and family back in USA.

Ms.Ambreen, USA 9-Sept-2014


Non-Availability of Birth Certificate

Mr. Gurmeet Pental needed "Non availability of birth certificate" for his green card interview from a small city of Pakistan namely "Sialkot". He needed this document in short time period and the MIP team made it happens, because at MIP time is never a barrier. On completing of this, here’s what Mr. Gurmeet Pental said "I am extremely thankful and totally satisfied with the professional attitude of you and your organization. Please feel free to utilize me as a reference and I am already recommending you to a lawyer here in San Jose should he encounter similar cases.

Thanks again and Appreciate Help!

Mr.Gurmeet USA 12-March-2014


Gifting & Arrangements

Mamoo in Pakistan was contacted by Mr. Afzal, One of\'s long standing customer based in NY city. He wanted MamooinPakistan to deliver a full scale 100cc motorcycle for his son in Sukkar as a gift of appreciation for his son on graduating. Our team was successful in completing this project and the customer was more than just delighted.